Sunshine Charity Program

Maxim believes that education is the key to achieving sustainability. The Sunshine Charity Program was created in 2004 to bring happiness to needy students in the form of scholarships and donations. Goods and monetary donations from employees and customers are collected all year round. Maxim also sets aside a portion of earnings as proceeds for the program annually.

Employees volunteer to go to impoverished remote locations to award scholarships and distribute proceeds and donations. Qinghai province and Ningxia autonomous region are annual destinations. In those locations, Maxim organizes events that promote the preservation of local culture. The Maxim Singing Contest is held annually in Qinghai to recognize children that are gifted in the art of singing.

Please contact us if you would like to donate to the cause.

Other Programs

Maxim participates in environmental efforts such as recycling, contributes resources and volunteers for events such as visiting the elderly in residential areas, providing financial aid to needy students, visiting the sick and donating resources to school through the Shanghai-Taiwan Business Association.

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